Kenwood TH D74e

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Kenwood THD 74 .Radio Abe Rotterdam.

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  • Kenwood THD 74 .Radio Abe Rotterdam.


Kenwood TH D74e

144/430 MHz DUALBANDER with D-STAR, APRS/NAVITRA support

Deze Dualband Amateur radio zit vol met handige functies en heeft het voordeel van een digitale transceiver met D-STAR, APRS/NAVITRA ondersteuning. Featuring transflective TFT kleurenscherm dat uitstekende zichtbaarheid in dag of nacht biedt.

Ingebouwde GPS en Bluetooth ,  Micro USB en microSD/SDHC .

  • Multi-band operation: 144/430 MHz transmission on Band-A (main band), 0.1 to 524 MHz wide-band continuous reception on Band B (sub-band)

  • Dual frequency reception (VxV, UxU, and VxU functions)

  • SSB/CW mode: Simplified zero in with variable fine-step frequency between 20, 100, 500, and 1000 Hz

  • Standard equipped with Ferrite Bar Antenna suitable for receiving mid- and low-HF bands

  • 12 kHz IF output on Band B

  • Dual-protocol radio with APRS and D-STAR support

  • D-STAR is a digital communications method for Amateur radio users recommended by JARL for clear audio and data transmission

  • D-STAR modes: DV (digital voice) and DV-Fast Data Transmission

  • D-STAR offers Simplex, Multiplex, Zone, and Gateway transmission methods

  • D-STAR Repeater modes: Station call (including CQ) by selecting a repeater from a repeater list downloadable from D-STAR website, direct reply function, intuitive menu operation

  • Standard-equipped with APRS: Equipped with KISS mode modem to perform APRS operation without requiring PC or GPS. Also enables packet transmission with PC via USB or Bluetooth connection.

  • APRS supports a number of information via menu display including positional/directional data, station list, meteorological information, QSY function, Smart Beaconing, APRS lock, beacon and more. Some compatibility restrictions apply in use with older repeaters.

  • English Voice Guide for Menu

  • Micro-USB (Serial, Mass Storage Class, USB Audio) to enable use of external decoding software via single USB cable micro SD/SDHC supporting 2 GB memory with microSD and max. 32 GB memory with SDHC

  • Built-in GPS (Auto Clock Setting) with highly sensitive patch antenna to track GPS signals from vehicle dashboard

  • Bluetooth (SPP, HSP) support External Decode function (PC Decode 12kHz IF output, BW: 15 kHz)

  • Color 1.74" (240 x 180 pixel) Transflective TFT Display for high visibility even under the sun or in brightly lit room; also excellent visibility in nighttime or dark with the use of backlighting

  • Screen background colors selectable between black and white